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    Thanks for stopping by. In case you didn’t know, I love photography and I am fortunate to be able to share my passion with you. I simply cannot imagine going through life without photographs - there are just so many reasons for taking photos. To remember, to relive, to share, to learn, to tell a story, to create, to feel... I could go on forever. The wonderful thing about photographs is that they are instantaneous. And as we change through life, so do the images we want to capture. I believe in capturing beautiful, modern images for modern families. More importantly, I want to capture the connection between family members. I care very much about getting to know my clients and having fun during our sessions. I am not trying to create the perfect image of you - rather, real images of genuine happy, silly, fun and tender family moments. This site features my most recent session along with some personal images peppered in. I am so thrilled to have met so many wonderful people and they have all inspired me in one way or another.

    Please enjoy the photos on this site and by all means, please feel free to get in touch with me if you think my style and vision matches yours.

    {Photo courtesy of Kelly Bik Photography}

    *Note this web site does not yet support Retina (or high def) displays.

We’ve got everything we need right here

As someone who grew up in a big family of six kids, and being the youngest of those six, I can understand what it’s like to think of your siblings as not just your big brothers or sisters, but also your caregivers, role models and mentors – and your best friends. This is true with this lovely […]

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Dinh - November 5, 2017 - 4:12 pm

What a beautiful family. Love these, Lisa! Good luck picking the best shots – not a bad problem to have!

Lisa - November 7, 2017 - 9:58 am

Thank you so much May. All of the kids thought you were so nice and you did such a fantastic job. The pictures are beautiful. You really captured the love.

No dress rehearsal, this is our life

On Thanksgiving, I got to see Kim and the family for some fall family photos. And there was so much to be thankful for – the beautiful weather, the forest bathed in morning light, and all the crisp, colourful leaves. This amazing family and their new puppy Teddy. More importantly, thankful for Kim – truly an amazing person and a great […]

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Kim - October 19, 2017 - 9:03 pm

May, your beautiful words are really touching. I love so many things about these photos – especially the smiling faces of our girls and the fun that Teddy brings to our family. You’ve taken many photos of us over the years, but somehow these feel the most meaningful. You really captured some joyful moments and that is not a feeling I take for granted. I really will treasure these always and you’re right when you say it feels like a fresh start. Thank you Thank You Thank You! ?

Sunny, thank you for the sunshine bouquet

So not all fall sessions take place in the forest or in a nature setting. For this family session, we went back to an urban backdrop because the last time we had a session in this area, Kai wasn’t even born yet. And now that Kai is four, I felt like I hit the jackpot because […]

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Dinh - October 15, 2017 - 10:09 am

Love these, May!! You’ve managed to capture Kai’s personality perfectly! I particularly love the ones of both Sophie and Kai!! Thank you!

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you

When Jody and I started talking about her upcoming shoot, I joked about a school bus in the background. I’m not sure why I thought of it as we’ve done a “back to school” type shoot with Brooklyn (Miss B) in the past. Anyways, it turns out I had planted the seed and the idea […]

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Jody - September 27, 2017 - 10:37 am

These pics just blow me away!! I stress every year about these photos (mostly because I don’t know how to coordinate outfits) and then you talk me off the ledge, become my temporary personal stylist and we pull off a great shoot:) Every time I see the pics I am just amazed and I wonder why I stress about it–you work magic with that camera and the photos would probably still be brilliant even if we were wearing garbage bags;)

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